i may be younger but i'll look after you
full name jeremy cole kavanagh birthdate + age november 13, 1995 & 20 place of birth palo alto, california currently columbia, south carolina
facts • Both of his parents died on the scene of a car crash when he was just 13 years old. With no immediate family in the area willing to take on a child, custody of Jeremy was relegated to the state of California. He spent six months in the foster system before he was adopted by the parents of his best friend, Seth.

• While Seth's parents took on Jeremy like he was one of their own, he never quite recovered from the loss he suffered and to this day, attends therapy once a week. He is diagnosed with anxiety, PTSD, and Dysthymia. He does not have his driver's license, or even his learner's permit and has to take a sedative in order to get in a car for a long drive.

• Generally friendly and open to meeting new people, but can be difficult to get to know on more than a superficial level based on how much he tries to compartmentalize his issues and how painfully private he is. He is also wary of judgment and prefers spending time with smaller groups of people.

• He hasn't had a serious (or any) relationship for well over a year and tends to become uncomfortable when blatantly hit on to the point where he'll outright ignore it or change the subject to something else entirely.

• Is obsessed with loot crate, his room is a shrine to things he's collected since becoming a subscriber.

• Likes the lore of the Warcraft universe, but hasn't touched a Warcraft game since Warcraft III. Instead, he reads books about the universe or cracks out the old games. And while he does consider himself a gamer, he tends to prefer classic or obscure games to new, mainstream games with the exception of Overwatch, which has become his favorite in recent months.

• Preforms at a lot of open mic nights to ease his stage fright, but also as a hobby.